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It takes an ant a million steps to carry a leaf across a yard. But WORKING TOGETHER a million ants can carry the entire branch faster and more efficiently.
Like the ants, together with your “spare change” we can provide pure, safe drinking water for the world’s population, one gallon at a time for only 5 cents.
Based on our philosophy of Affecting Change and having a positive impact on the lives of people every day, we will be distributing AmenaPure solutions to people around the world. ChangeThr Change is working on partnering with global NPO’S and NGO’s to distribute these life changing solutions.

Box Up Your Change & Just Send It!

Together We Can Change Lives!

Your 5¢ = 1 Gallon of Safe Water

or $1 = 20 Gallons of Safe Water

Take the
“spare change” from your drawers,  dresser tops, pockets…

Put it in a box or envelope and mail it to:

ChangeThruChange, Inc.

P.O Box 853
Cobb, CA 95426


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    “Giving pays the highest interest rate, and has the longest term, of any investment available.”