Our Plan


Our Plan: The 6 “R”s

1. Recover

10’s of Billions of Dollars in loose change are lying around doing absolutely nothing. Collect it up and turn every penny into gallons of safe water.

2. Recycle

Once collected, rolled, and deposited, we will turn all those pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills, into tangible Global Change.

3. Reclaim

With only 6% of the world‘s water being potable, and 25% of that being undrinkable, we can change that and in minutes produce lifesaving safe water without the use of power.

We‘ve Got Your Back

We All Need To Help

4. Restore

Restore the life and vitality of these reclaimed, previously contaminated waters to become safe water for all; enhancing people’s lives every day.

5. Revive

Help revive the lives of the 2.2 Billon people who do not have access to safe drinking water to sustain life.

6. Repeat this Endlessly


Sponsored Concerts to Raise Awareness

AmenaCore & Amena.Vision


The largest fundraiser in world history dedicated to address a single global problem: Safe Water For ALL

How We Can to Accomplish This

Design, plan, and produce the largest “Pay it Forward” fundraising campaign focused on a single cause: provide safe water to the 2 Billion people who lack access to the one gallon of safe drinking water that is needed daily to survive.

Phase One

Recover the world’s uncirculated change and recycle it through ChangeThruChange.org into Global Change. Every penny really counts when 5 cents can provide one gallon of safe water. So, all that spare change laying around doing nothing can potentially alter the unthinkable statistic that an infant dies every 2 minutes from water borne diseases.

Affect Change, in a individuals person’s life, and repeat it endlessly, Period.

The Message:

Make the effort and make a difference. Collect up your loose change and dollar bills, add it up and then either click on our “Button” and donate that amount or pack it all up and send it in. We’ll take it from there, recycle it, and make a difference in an individual person’s life every day and repeat.

The Goal:

To touch the lives of 100,000 people and have them donate $100.00 to SafeWater4ALL. These initial donors would become the “Voice” of ChangeThruChange and SafeWater4ALL. As One we can do much, but all of us together as One, We can do anything!

The Objective: 

Long-Term Sustainable Giving: Five dollars from everybody, giving every month, endlessly.

Phase Two

Developing, implementing, and managing sustainable programs developed within each community with education and life skills training programs. Business and passive income opportunities, when put in place, will contribute substantially to the financial sustainability and well-being of the community.

The AmenaZone Community Development Plan will provide long-term benefits and passive revenues within the community to support both community based and global initiatives. It takes a community to raise a child. The hope is that a child will grow to love, nurture, and support that community, to insure its sustainability for future generations.

Helping the Community

Safe Water For All

Phase Three

The largest streaming and live concert fundraising event in world history, One Cause, One Person, One Gallon, One Life, then Repeat.

Phase Four


The ongoing support and protection layer provided for the programs deployed within the community will insure the long-term health and wellness of the community and its members.