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We hope you will join us this year, and in the years to come, in our cause to provide Safe Water 4 ALL. There are two critical components required to sustain life, Air & Water, everything else is downhill from there.

Safe Drinking Water is a crisis of catastrophic proportion. Less than 2% of the worlds water is “potable” and over 50% of that is contaminated and getting worse every day. Access to safe water is a real problem everywhere and is a  100 times more deadly than any pandemic in history.

Today millions of people across America lack access to safe drinking water. Entire towns and sections of cities have had their faucets turned off and are being delivered cases of bottled water. Today infants and children die every two minutes from water borne disease due to contamination.

Please take 2 minutes and watch the video below. What you will see is one solution that would allow faucets to be turned back on and 1000’s of gallons of Safe Drinking Water being delivered back to the people, without using power.

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Our Challenge to You

Get Engaged in a Good Cause

This year we challenge everyone to get engaged and come together as one to support a single common cause, Water. Everybody needs it. It is a globally recognized crisis that is facing humanity today. Many are focused on this problem in a BIG way. We are focused on delivering one gallon and saving individual lives then repeating that action, endlessly.

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We all have a “Network” let’s use the “Net” to make this “Work.”

We believe that people, no matter what their personal circumstance, will stretch to support something they are passionate about. Everyone understands and agrees there is a Safe Water Shortage.


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