AmenaZone Community Development Program

 Building the Community from Seed to Harvest 


Working with the community leaders, educators and business owners we can create programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals within a community and building sustainable solutions and passive revenue streams that will support and vitalize the community for years to come.


People and communities need nourishment and light to grow. We need to inject new life, passion and resources into the community and establish sustainable lifelines for the future generations. By developing long term relationships with all the support systems and resources within the community we can bring up our youth in their own neighborhoods and together we can grow, live and flourish.


Working with the community to identify the most pressing needs both from an individual need and community need basis. Identify the problems and come together to solve them for the present and the future.


The classes and electives that were offered through schools in the past developed life skills that are essential to live. Classes such as home economics, speech, music, and trade classes like art, ceramics, woodshop, and mechanics have gone away from budget cuts. Our youth need to be taught how to manage in the real word. We need to teach them these skills and we know it takes a community to raise up its youth.


The Community is alive and brimming with experience. By involving the business community in raising up our youth to be fully integrated in the flow and process of business opportunities for our youth exist to discover their passions and interests and be able to test the waters in different types of businesses and see where their interest and talents emerge.


The world has changed and so has the workforce. The world economics has also been affected by the recent pandemic. It is essential that we bring up our youth living, working, and building a strong community.


We need to teach, to acknowledge, Honor, and respect each other and support and raise up each other for the betterment of all.


The greatest gift one person can give to another it to pay attention to another person and really listen. The need for human connection in this disconnected electronic world is more needed than ever. The experience, knowledge that can be transferred to our youth is invaluable. Today many families are broken, disconnected, and just too busy to provide the time and dedication needed to provide the life tools that our youth do not have access to. This dramatically decreases their opportunity to develop the critical skills required to move through life.


It takes a community. From A-Z we need to teach the youth from babies wearing diapers, to teens designing better ones, then young adults manufacturing, marketing and selling them.