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With Your “Spare Change”

Safe Drinking Water is a crisis of catastrophic proportion. Less than 2% of the worlds water is “potable” and over 50% of that is contaminated and getting worse every day. Access to safe water is a real problem everywhere and is a  100 times more deadly than any pandemic in history.

SafeWater4ALL is a cause of Change Thru Change, Inc.

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    Watch This Life Changing Video

    This 2 minute video will demonstrate one solution that will allow faucets to be turned back on and 1000’s of gallons of Safe Drinking Water delivered to those in need, without using power.

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    There’s a Global Problem of Catastrophic Proportion!

    The world is in trouble over the lack of access to safe drinking water. This is a problem that is getting worse not better. Contamination reaches everywhere, everything, and everyone.

    • The global urban population facing water scarcity is projected to double to as much as 2.4 billion people in 2050 as compared to 2016. (UN World Water Development Report, 2023)

    • Every minute a newborn dies from an infection caused by lack of clean, safe water. (WHO, 2015)
    • A child under 5 every 2 minutes dies from a water-related disease. (
    • The science and technology are available to turn the unsafe, unclean, undrinkable, contaminated water of the world into a perpetual well to sustain life. (


    AmenaPure Solutions

    SafeWater4ALL is honored to partner with AmenaPure to Introduce the AmenaWell and AmenaTower. These Portable Water Purification Units (WPU’s) can provide the safe drinking water that everybody requires, without the use of power.  Whether it’s a glass, a liter, or gallons, “Safe Water for ALL” is no longer a vision or a dream, It’s a reality.

    Even though people will continue to transport water, the water they will be consuming will be safe. Strong healthy people, build strong healthy communities. We can do this together because it’s not what you CAN’T DO, it’s what you CAN DO!

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    Safe Water 4 ALL

    A Global Solution, Together

    With Your “Spare Change”

    It takes an ant a million steps to carry a leaf across a yard. But WORKING TOGETHER a million ants can carry the entire branch faster and more efficiently.

    Like the ants, together with your “spare change” we can provide pure, safe drinking water for the world’s population, one gallon at a time. 

    Based on our philosophy of Affecting Change and having a positive impact on the lives of people every day, we will be distributing AmenaPure solutions to people around the world. Millions of people don’t have access to the 1.5 liters of water that EVERYONE NEEDS to survive each day. SafeWater4ALL is working on partnering with global NPO’S and NGO’s to distribute these life changing solutions.

    Your Generosity Will
    Change A Person’s Life, Forever!

    SafeWater4ALL is tackling one of the most pressing areas of human need, access to Safe Drinking Water. AmenaCore has chosen to support SafeWater4ALL.

    AmenaPure, an AmenaCore company, has a solution to provide an individual person with the required 1 gallon of safe drinking water that is needed to sustain life from any contaminated water source in minutes, without power. This is life changing for the hundreds of millions of people that do not have daily access to safe drinking water.

    Become a part of the “Voice of Change” The first 100,000 people that donate $100.00 or more will become the “Voice and Wisdom of the Crowd” for ChangeThruChange.

    YES!   I want to help! Click to Donate Now!

    YES! I Want To Help!

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      YES! I want to help! Click to Donate Now!

      Together We Are Making A Difference

      “Giving pays the highest interest rate, and has the longest term, of any investment available.”