Supporting Organizations

AmenaCore, llc

“Caring People Creating Global Solutions“

The name “Amena” means Honest, Faithful & Utterly Pure. The word “Core” means the center of all things.

AmenaCore a holding company created by people for people that is Honest, Faithful, and Utterly Pure at its Core.

Our Mission is to provide Quality First Solutions for Life with a focus on providing all the essential products and services needed for people to maintain the highest quality of life. Our Ultra Secure Virtual Private Network (USVPN) uses the most secure protocols available protecting people’s identity, personal information, and finances.

Amena.Vision Productions

Executive Producer, LaMar Williams

LaMar Williams is known as the concept and initiator of the renowned “We Are the World” music video that generated US $60 million with sales of 20 million records for the alleviation of plight of Africa, LaMar is an expert in organizing large entertainment events, concerts, and tours. We are proud to have him on the AmenaCore and AmenaVision Team.


A Global Solution, Together

Developing and implementing solutions to provide the 2.2 billion individuals who lack access to the required amount of Safe Potable Water every day, to sustain life.

ChangeThruChange, inc.

A California based Non-Profit Organization 501(C)(3)

Mission: To affect positive change in an individual person’s life and repeat this process endlessly. ChangeThruChange is a cause-based charity focused on collecting the worlds “Spare Change” and turning it into global change by designing, developing, and implementing programs and solutions that provide long-term benefits to people.

Amena “U” University

Providing life Skills to the World's Youth… Side-by-Side & Together with Academia

Amena” U” was formed to teach “Quality of Life Skills” to our youth through community-based education, mentoring, and training programs designed to enhance the quality of life they build for themselves and the lives they lead into the future.

Revenue Generating Resources

Available to Your Community

The selected programs outlined below are programs and services currently available that can be used to begin generating revenue and passive income streams to support these invaluable programs. These programs have the capacity of generating a percentage of the business volume within your community.

Business Development

  • Affordable Homes
  • Secure Payment Solutions
  • Community Based Loyalty Programs
  • Health Pass: Consumer Health
  • Chronic Care Monitoring Service 24/7/365

Merchant Services

  • Ultra-Secure Credit & Debit Card Processing
  • Flat Fee Processing Programs
  • No Cost Donation Processing for Non-profits
  • Turn-key Point of Sale Solutions
  • Banking and Payroll Solutions